out of the ashes

Aaron Burfield is a young Adelaide Hills Artist who was greatly impacted by the many tragic stories emerging from Victorian communities affected by the bushfires of February 2009. Determined to help, he resigned from his job, travelled to Victoria and began this fundraiser with community organisations who lost their buildings in the bushfires.

Whilst visiting affected areas he met with people who survived this natural disaster and witnessed first hand the destruction it caused.

Moved by this experience, Aaron has applied his talents to create historic pieces of art featuring well loved community centres, drawn in their former glory with charcoal he personally collected from each individual site.

With the production of prints and card, he is giving Victorian communities something special in memory of the buildings they have lost, whilst helping to raise funds for their restoration.70% of the profit raised from the sales of this art is given to the 6 organisations featured, to help in their restoration process.

$5000 raised for these bushfire affected communities so far.

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